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Our Name & Logo

Our name, 14 GIFTS, and our 14 pentagram logo are registered trademarks.

We are often asked what the meaning of our name and logo are, so detailed below is the answer to that question!

Queen Elizabeth I had a court philosopher called "John Dee". 

"John Dee" avidly studied the occult, and together with his associate "Edward Kelly" they often performed the art of "scrying" (fortune gazing), using a black obsidian mirror. 

Through their "scrying" sessions, they translated a new language which became known as "Enochian". Some say "Enochian" was the language of Angels, some say it was the language of Demons.

During their sessions, they translated a total of 19 paragraphs of this new language. Each paragraph represented a particular subject. Each of these paragraphs they called "Keys".

The fourteenth key (14), from which we take our name, stands for "Vengeance & Justice".

The pentagram symbol in which our number 14 is located, is a elemental symbol and has been used by many religions (including Paganism, Christianity & Hinduism), throughout time. 

Our pentagram is also an elemental symbol, and each point of the pentagram stands for an element. The points represent, Air, Water, Earth & Fire. The point of the pentagram which faces downward represents our existence here on Earth. Therefore the overall meaning of our pentagram containing the 14 represents to us "Justice on Earth". 

To us, Justice applies to ALL living creatures, human and animal alike. This is the reason, why we here at 14 GIFTS are Vegan activists.

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