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"Enlighten yourself with The Dark"



We have a flat rate of postage of £2.75. Orders to the value of over £20.00 qualify for free postage.

 do not ship outside of the UK.

About Us


At 14 GIFTS we sell a wide variety of eclectic merchandise, that includes fantasy & gothic giftware.


We specialise in stocking a huge range of incense sticks and cones, as well as a range of Fantasy and Gothic giftware and other products for your spiritual, Well-Being and collectable needs. We also stock hair dye and much more including a range of patriotic merchandise and many other household and giftware products.


The concept for our business module started many years ago when one of our founders became an ordained minister. That was the beginning of a journey that continues still to this day.

From this origin started our journey of learning about different Faith traditions. This included actually "physically" living many great and recognised World religions, which in turn led us to study and practice witchcraft and the occult.


We have lived and studied such religions and practices as Christianity (various sects), Islam (Sunni sect), Mormonism, Paganism (many different branches), Wicca, Hinduism, and Satanism (both atheistic and theistic), as well as Atheism.

From the study and practice of all the above came the concept of what has now become our life and business.  


We are also on Facebook and Instagram where we regularly post pictures of our products. If anyone would like to purchase through our social media platforms, please message us with the details of the product that you are interested in. We will let you know the price and any other details. 


We hope that you like our websites. If there is anything you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for visiting 14 GIFTS!


Our Name & Logo

Our name, 14 GIFTS, and our 14 pentagram logo are registered trademarks.

We are often asked what the meaning of our name and logo are, so detailed below is the answer to that question!

Queen Elizabeth I had a court philosopher called "John Dee".

"John Dee" avidly studied the occult, and together with his associate "Edward Kelly" they often performed the art of "scrying" (fortune gazing), using a black obsidian mirror.

Through their "scrying" sessions, they translated a new language which became known as "Enochian". Some say "Enochian" was the language of Angels, some say it was the language of Demons.

During their sessions, they translated a total of 19 paragraphs of this new language. Each paragraph represented a particular subject. Each of these paragraphs they called "Keys".

The fourteenth key (14), from which we take our name, stands for "Vengeance & Justice".

The pentagram symbol in which our number 14 is located, is a elemental symbol and has been used by many religions (including Paganism, Christianity & Hinduism), throughout time.

Our pentagram is also an elemental symbol, and each point of the pentagram stands for an element. The points represent, Air, Water, Earth & Fire. The point of the pentagram which faces downward represents our existence here on Earth. Therefore the overall meaning of our pentagram containing the 14 represents to us "Justice on Earth".

To us, Justice applies to ALL living creatures, human and animal alike. This is the reason, why we here at 14 GIFTS are Vegan activists.

The name of 14 GIFTS and the 14 Pentagram logo are Registered Trademarks.

Copyright 2024, 14 Trading LTD

14 GIFTS is a trading name of 14 TRADING LTD
Registered in England & Wales
Co. Reg. No. 15604898
Registered Office Address - Windover House, St Ann Street, Salisbury, England, SP1 2DR




We are proud to be a Lifetime Business Supporter of Viva! - The UK's leading vegan campaigning charity.


Get in touch!


Tel: 07795 955 863

5 College St, Gloucester GL1 2NE.

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